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Online: Multimedia Professional Zone subscription

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Surround learning' is a new, effective way of learning that engages all levels of ability...Naturally, with this quality, it comes from Curriculum Visions...Surround yourself with the ultimate in integrated resources, while teaching online and off-line at KS1-3...This unique combination of class books and online resources provides the ideal 'surround learning' environment for your classroom...Select from books, videos, audio or pictures to control the lesson in the way you want it for whatever ability range you are teaching...Online: the multimedia Professional Zone is an affordably-priced subscription gateway to videos, picture galleries and courses in Geography, History, Maths, MFL, Music, RE, Science and Spelling...Engage a wide ability range...Plan your teaching at home using our 24/7 access...Use our spoken pages to have the main screens read out for you. This is especially useful for the less able, those with visual difficulties or those for whom English is not their first language. Off-line: full-colour class books, CDs, posters and teacher's guides with reproducible masters...All of these products integrate with our online courses...The full subscription covers all staff, not just you, so share your login with them or get them to share the cost of a subscription, making it even more affordable...There has never been a better way to support your teaching of the QCA.

Curriculum Visions Professional Zone:
1 year or more on-line school subscription to the whiteboard interactive course password-protected area for a single School.


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