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In 1971, Leah Curry-Rood and Larry Rood, guided by a respect for the work of teachers and parents of young children, started a company called Gryphon House, which began as a distributer of quality children’s books. In 1979, Gryphon House expanded the business to include the distribution of teacher resource books. Gryphon House became a publisher in 1981. With beloved authors like Pam Schiller, Mary Ann F. Kohl, and Jackie Silberg. We are proud to be growing our list year after year. The face of Gryphon House has changed over the years, they strive to publish and distribute the highest-quality books for educators, parents, and caregivers.

101 Dance Games for Children
101 Drama Games for Children
101 Movement Games for Children
101 Music Games for Children
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
Complete Resource Book
for Preschoolers
Complete Resource Book
for Toddlers and Twos
Creative Rooms of Wonder
Fabulous Food
Art Across the Alphabet
Giant Encyclopedia of Preschool Acivities
for Three Year Olds
Giant Encyclopedia of Learning Center
Activities for children 3 to 6
Comprehensive Infant Curriculum
Preschool Art Painting
Inclusive Early Childhood Classroom
Me, My Family and Friends
Learning Power of Laughter Sensory Integration Book
for Preschool Teachers
Felt Board Stories Making Toys for Preschool Children

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