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Oxford Reading Tree and TreeTops are carefully constructed reading programmes for all your primary school children.

Oxford Reading Tree comes from the UK and is familiar with millions of children.

Oxford Reading Tree's materials are carefully constructed reading programmes for all children and, the great thing is the teacher's handbooks and cover notes provide comprehensive support on teaching.

  • Teacher's Handbooks provide guidance on how Oxford Reading Tree works with the simple view of reading
  • Cover Notes feature on the inside covers of each storybooks for parents and teaching assistants to give guidance on Word Recognition and Comprehension

How Oxford Reading Tree supports the Simple View of Reading

Speaking and Listening

The simple view of reading places increasing importance on the role of Speaking and Listening in developing your pupils' early reading skills
Oxford Reading Tree has always placed real emphasis on the part speaking and listening plays in early language development. Much-loved Biff, Chip and Kipper stories, and the supporting teaching material and activities all actively encourage talk.

Word Recognition

The simple view of reading recommends systematic high-quality phonics teaching
Oxford Reading Tree stories have been written using a mix of high-frequency and phonic words which can be blended and sounded out, enabling your pupils to apply their phonic skills. The stories also include high interest vocabulary which helps to develop children's language and comprehension.

Teach and practise phonics with:

  • Songbirds Phonics - enabling you to teach and practise synthetic phonics in a systematic way
  • Floppy's Phonics - providing the perfect opportunity for consolidation and practice of synthetic phonics, combining word recognition skills and language comprehension

Language Comprehension

The simple view of reading recommends developing language comprehension skills alongside your pupils' word recognition skills.

Language Comprehension is at the heart of Oxford Reading Tree's Biff, Chip and Kipper stories, as the multi-layered stories follow a group of characters through real, engaging storylines
Supporting teaching materials, including teaching notes, group activity sheets, workbooks and games are full of activities to further develop pupils' comprehension skills
TreeTops Comprehension offers a simple and easy to use resource for teaching comprehension skills and strategies to your junior readers

Treetops - The Number One Junior Reading Programme for 7 to 11 year olds. Tops for variety, progression, range and authors! TreeTops contains six major genre strands to delight all your juniors - fiction, non-fiction, classics, graphic novels, true stories and playscripts, all with levelling you can trust. Treetops Comprehension to teach key comprehension strategies to your juniors and TreeTops Storywriter for effective story writing!

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